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Millions of children all around the world live on the street and in poverty. Most of all these children are deprived of health care and education. We all see many children on the street everyday who have to fill their stomachs by begging, they do not have homes to live. They face many problems everyday.

               India has an estimated 1 million or more  street children in each of the following cities :- New Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai. When consedering India as a whole, there are over 11 million children who earn their living off the streets in cities and rural areas, Owing to unemployment & lack of political will, India has developed one of the largest child labour forces in the world.

               Looking at all the growing problems of street children. I want to open a N.G.O.(non government organization) called Divine Care, by which i can help all the street children. I will arrange all the facilities for countless children like these, and will try our best not to let any child pass his life on the road. With the help of money donated by all of you in divine care, I will be able to arrange food, clothes, and homes for all these children. and most of all we will pay attention to their education, we will educate themso that they can make their future bright and can help us in removing poverty from the country.


                We can do all this only by your support, your small donation can give a happy life and bright future for many street children.

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Challenges and Solutions

In today Internet generation many platform provides crowdfunding platform but they charge entry fee. Very few people could start a business, publish a book, release a record, or broadcast their opinion without someone else’s financial backing. Unless you had a particularly wealthy and supportive relative, you’d have to try your luck at the bank or in countless soul-crushing meetings with investors. And even then, you’d lose large portions of equity or be crippled by high-interest rates. Thankfully, today there’s another way to raise fund via crowdfunding.. it is not easy to raise fund worldwide, Planetway platform has provide free campaign page. any body can create the campaign page and raise ethereum WORLDWIDE by share the page.

You can also create your own campaign page, using "Start Campaign" button , for any cause, after create account fill the campaign form and start sharing your campaign page link with friends and family, where donor can donate you via using "DONATE NOW" button. If your Campaign page seems like real and needed suppor then our community will share your campaign page with our donors community, So try to make your Page realstic.

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All donation is 100% belong to the fundraiser, we didnt charge any fee in collected cntibution.

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1.How can I donate to this fundraiser campaign?

Planetway provide hassle free contribution method! just click on DONATE NOW button, copy the ether address and send fund in ethereum as much as you can.

2.Can I also create my fundraiser campaign?

You can also create your own campaign with a single click of Create Campaign/Project.

3. How to turn visitors into contributors

Make Strong and real story about your campaign and share campaign link through social media.

4. How can i find my campaign?

Click on share icon at dashboard or navigate to sharable link on side menu.

This is the first update of our new project

by Sarah Albert 4 Sep, 2020
#1 Update

Planetway has launched by a community of fundraisers & an group of programmers, it's created for humanity not for making profits, its 100% Free platform.

Ether makes contributin faster, you can receive contribution from arround the world without any third party payment gateway.


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