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Health, Education, Startup Idea, Personal cause
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What is

Planetway is built for Donation based crowdfunding campaigns, Payment mode Ether, support all kind of campaigns, like Health, Education, Startup Idea, Farmer, Personal cause and more.

How Planetway help ?

As of current scenario, there were more than 5,000 Fundraising platform exist arround the world, they charge entry fee and some percentage on every raised contribution.

We Built this Platform for free campaign without any entry fee and withdrawal charges, because Ethereum ECO system is the most popular payment mode Platform.

Planetway will help to provide your donation landing page and save your technical cost like website creation , hosting, technical skills etc.

Video Background

is the game changer


Planetway is ethereum based fundraising program, created by group of programmer community build with 4 Algorithm program in single interface.

Look at Planetway adventages

10X Program
Auto Pool
Circle Program
Earning Program

Planetway Helps You ?

1. Create your free encrypted wallet by signup and save recovery pharase at safe place, it will help you to recover password and setup of transactional PIN, Now Create Campaign, share your landing Page URL and start raising funds.

2. Enrol in Planet 10X Algorithm program by provide contribution of 0.05 Ether & activate 1st planet Mercury, make it 10 times & recycle againg by start referral peoples under you! and upgrade up to 9 Planets.

3. Be the part of Auto Pool Circle Program by provide contibution of 0.05 Ether and make your contribution 4 to 7 times, without any referrals!

4. If you have skill of YouTube Video creator, than make our complete program video as per PDF and get paid from us, per views as well as YouTube
For more details Download the complete Planetwya PDF

Raise Fund For Project

  • Startup Idea
  • Artistic Project
  • Films & TV Shows
  • Homemade Gods
  • Musical Projects
  • Performance Art
  • DIY Projects & more

Raise Fund for Cause

  • Personal Cause
  • Hospitality
  • Education
  • Hunger Feeding
  • COVID-19
  • Lost Job
  • Financial Crises & more

How it Work?

Let's explore Planetway
Free Campaign
Start Free Fundraising
Step - 1
Create Free Wallet
Step - 2
Fill Campaign form for free Landing Page
Step - 3
Setup Ethereum withdrawal Address
Step - 4
Copy and share Campaign page link with friends and family
share & raise unlimited donation from around the World
Planets 10X Program
Activate 9 Planets and get 10 times of activation contibution, Started by 0.05 Ether & get 10 times in each cycle raised from your downline, 8X, 1X, 1X repeat infinite times
0.05 ETH
Activate Planet 1 Mercury by 0.05 ETH & get 10X from level contribution as per PDF chart & you will get credit 8X to your Planet wallet 1X to free campaign and 1X will use for reactivation of the same planet, to recycle the same process
0.10 ETH
Activate Planet 2 Venus by 0.10 ETH & get 10X from level contribution as per PDF chart.
0.20 ETH
Activate Planet 3 Earth by 0.20 ETH & get 10X from level contribution as per PDF chart.
0.40 ETH
Activate Planet 4 Mars by 0.40 ETH & get 10X from level contribution as per PDF chart.
0.80 ETH
Activate Planet 5 Jupiter by 0.80 ETH & get 10X from level contribution as per PDF chart. you can upgrade up to 9 planets
6th Planet 1.60 Ether, 7th Planet 3.20 Ether 8th Planet 6.40 Ether & 9th Planet 12.80 Ether
Auto Pool
Auto Pool Circle algorithm is created in 8 Pools & you will contributed by 12 known or unknown campaigners once your queue finished
Pool 1
Activate by 0.05 eth and get contribution of 0.0165 eth per contributor by 12 peoples total 0.1980 eth
Pool 2
Activate by 0.10 eth and get contribution of 0.0620 eth per contributor by 12 peoples total 0.7440 eth
Pool 3
Activate by 0.30 eth and get contribution of 0.1860 eth per contributor by 12 peoples total 2.2320 eth
Pool 4-8
Pool 4 Activation = 1.00 eth get 7.44 eth,
Pool 5 Act= 3.00 get 22.32 eth,
Pool 6 Act= 10 get 74.40 eth,
Pool 7 Act=30.00 get 223 eth &
Pool 8 Act=100 get 744 eth
Reffer campaigners under you and get Direct, Level, Spillover & Partial Royalty contribution.
To get transfer of Pool Contribution in your wallet & enter in next pool you have to complete Direct or Level condition as per chart (please download PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Planetway ?

Planetway is a open crowdfunding framework, based on the Ether payment method, its allow to receive all contribution through Ethereum, it’s a one-stop solution for all kinds of the donation based crowdfunding campaign. Anyone can generate his/her campaign landing page and start raising ethereum for any cause WORLDWIDE. Planetway provides an integrated system of four programs with a single interface->
1. Build a free donation campaign landing page.
2. Planet 10X Algorithm Program.
3. Auto Pool Circle Program.
4. Make Planetway promotional video on TouTube & get paid from us as well as YouTube.

What is Free Campaign ?

Planetway simply allow user to create the free ether wallet without any entry fee, with the aid of the campaign landing page, you can raise unlimited ethereum by your donors worldwide, through share your campaign page link, and received ETH directly credit to your ETH wallet where you can place withdrawal request without any platform or admn fee.

What is Auto Pool Circle Algorithm ?

Auto Pool Circle program is designed in 8 Pools and it is non working program, where you can enter into each pool by providing pre-defined contribution, once you pool activated, you where in queue , you will get contributed by 12 known or unknown campaigners once they activate their same pool. To get credit filled pool ether in wallet and entry in next pool you have to complete the predefined condition as per PDF file.

What is Planets 10X Algorithm Program?

This algorithm is multiply you provided donation into 10 times, it is created in 9 Planets, once you activate any planet you will entitled to receive contribution from your 1st to 8th downline campaigners as per chart and once your activation amount would 10X, you will get 8X credit in your wallet, 1X is auto donated to free campaigner & 1X will auto used for reactivation of the same planet, and the same process will auto repeat infinite times, without any next planet activation condition.

How to create planetway ether wallet ?

Click on signup buton and Enter your name , choose your username accouring to you enter referral code if you have any, press next button and copy the Recovery Pharase (Safely save this to somewhere it will use in case of forgoten password and during setup of withdrawal address) now press next button and paste the recovery pharase and verify, now set your desire password and click to submit button.

How to Activate 1st Pool & 1st Planet ?

click in QR code icon appeared in dashboard, copy the ether address, Now add 0.10 ETH to your Planetway Ether address from any outside exchange or wallet, once ether credit in eth wallet, Navigate to Planet's Activation TAB, now press the activate icon on 1st Planet mercury Box, You can also activate 1st Pool by Auto Pool Activation TAB and press activate now button.

How does Planetway Auto Pool benifited to me, after Auto Pool Activation?

Once you 1st Pool activated now your queue placement is auto placed by system in queue and you will get pool contribution by 12 known/unknown campaigners and it will auto complete from anonyms contributors by global upcoming campaigners pool activation, and you will be a part of all pools as per auto pool filling. if you reffer another campaigner under you, using referral link and he/she activate their pool now you will get Direct contribution, Level Contribution, Spilover contribution and you are open for Royality contributuin as per predefined terms and conditions.

What is Direct Contribution ?

Once your direct downline campaigner activate his/her 1st Pool, you will Get 15% One time contribution of pool activation amount and whenever he/she activate manually or auto Pool 2nd to 8th you will get contribution 5% of Pool activation amount from all of your 1st downline campaigners.

What is Pool Spilover Contribution ?

About-You can collect 5% donations of filled pool from all of your directly invited campaigners whenever their pool is completed, invite limitless campaigners under you. .

What is Partial Royalty ?

This program is designed for faster working campaigners if you achived the predefined direct referral then you will benifited from global pool activation, Like 1) Royalty star-1 (0.5%) = Reffer 7 Directs in 7 Days to earn 0.50 % of Global Pool-1 to 8th Contribution, distributed equally to all Star-1 Royalty achievers , on daily basis. Up-to 30 days 2) Royalty Star 2 (1%) Reffer 15 Directs in 15 Days 3) Royalty Star 3 (1.5) = Reffer 30 Directs in 30 Days, T&C 1. Global Auto Pool Activation Contribution from the campaigners by Planetway platform of all pool activation 2. You can get any one Royalty Income which is higher. 3. All Royalty incomes will be distributed on daily basis , after the closing & Days count will start from the activation date.

What is Planetway ?

Planetway is open platform for donation based crowdfunding, in form of ether payment acceptance mode, intigrated with Free campaign, Auto Pool and Planet 10X Slots Level contribution.

Who Created Planetway ?

An group of Programmer and developer community from worldwide, created this platform.

How secure Planetway is ?

Planetway designed and developed with encrypted solution, all information is encrypted and secure.

What kind security does populous use to protect my account?

Planetway platform is totaly encrypted and it dose't required your personal information for signup, Keep your Recovery Phrase safe and secure for setup your withdrawal address each time and in case of forgotten the password and more, Planetway can't recover password once you lost the recovery phrase, because planetway dosen't store any password inside the system.

How to Create Free Account ?

Signup without any any entry fee Setup campaign page and withdrawal address, now share your campaign page link with the help of social media and start raising fund in form of Ethereum.

How to Enter into Auto Pool system

it is very iasy to enter into Aoto Pool, just click on provided QR code icon on dashboard and copy the ETH address, send 0.05 ETH from any wallet,once you received the fund in ETH wallet , click Activate Pool-1, now your Auto pool account is activated and your referral link is also active for invite campaigners under you.

How to enter into Planets 10X Slots Program

You can enter into Planets 10X Slots algorithm program by 0.05 ETH.

How Planetway Free campaign Benifited to me ?

Free campaign allow you to create free campaign page without any entry fee, Planetway developers and programmers alway keep on eyes at every created campaign, if team found reality in your campaign, then team recomended your campaign to all campaigners for donate you, so that your campaign goal filled as soon as possible.

how does Planetway Auto Pool Benifited ?

Auto Pool is designed for auto contribution from 12 known/unknown campaigners and each pool will fill by auto system, its created on first come first out formula and each pool filled by 12 campaigners, you have to just activate your 1st pool and your pool will filled whenever your que is finished and you have to fill the terms and condition to withdraw filled pool amount and enter/upgrade into next pool as per algorithm shown on presentation file and table, you will also receive some working contribution if you invite someone on the system , e.g. Direct contribution, Level Contribution, Spill-over contribution, Partial Royalty and many more.

How to Planets Slots algorithm work and benifited ?

If you are an hard worker and want to achive your goal with doing some extra effor than Planets Slots definitely will help you,its program on provide help and get help formula, and planetway makes easier for you because it is generation model, means you can invite unlimited campaigner under you and rais endless ETH , the validity of every Planet makes it more cooler and recyclable, every Planet is valid upto 10X of your Activation amount, and auto repeat this cycle multiple of time.

Download Presentation